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California Electronics Recycling Firm Executive Charged with Criminal Trafficking

E-World's Customers include Sony, Samsung, NEC, FedEx Kinko, Hitachi, Waste Management

June 4th, 2015

According to court records from the Federal District Court in San Diego, Mr. Robert Erie, CEO of E-World Recyclers, LLC of Vista, CA was criminally indicted in December of 2014 by a Grand Jury for conspiracy, trafficking in counterfeit goods, falsifying records, and lying to the government. He was subsequently arrested, released on bail, and pled guilty to the charges. The case is still pending a final judgement.

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Michigan Broker Pleads Guilty to Export of e-Waste

March 19th, 2015

Please find the latest federal enforcement action against an e-Waste trader. The trader pled guilty to being involved in exporting falsely represented CRTs to China. He appears to have been a broker and not associated with any one recycling firm. He faces a maximum penalty of $250,000 and 5 years in jail. BAN applauds this federal action to enforce even our inadequate laws to prevent unsustainable and damaging e-waste exports.

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e-Stewards Launches Unannounced Verification Inspections for Certified Electronics Recyclers

First Random On-the-Spot Visits to Begin in May

Seattle, WA. | March 5th, 2015

Basel Action Network (BAN) announced today a new <em>Performance Verification</em> (PV) initiative to increase rigor and confidence among stakeholders in its e-Stewards&reg; certification program, already considered to be the “gold standard” for responsible recyclers of electronics worldwide. The PV will involve random unannounced on-site facility inspections to verify ongoing day-to-day performance is meeting the e-Stewards Standard. The inspections will be in addition to the normal, prescribed yearly scheduled 3rd party audits accomplished by accredited certification bodies.

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More e-Waste Abandoned in New York and Ohio

E-Waste Systems Inc. (EWSI) disappears, leaving workers and rent unpaid, hazardous e-waste left behind

Geneva, New York | March 3rd, 2015

The electronic waste (e-waste) recycler E-Waste Systems, Inc. (EWSI) has abandoned its primary US-based recycling operations, leaving behind significant volumes of hazardous e-waste. The Geneva, New York facility is no longer accepting materials, and various e-waste collections events had been cancelled. Workers have not been paid since October 18 (1), despite never receiving pink slips of termination. Due to failure to pay the rent, the landlord locked the doors on January 28. EWSI similarly abandoned their Ohio facility near Cincinnati late last year.

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Georgia/Florida Electronics Recyclers Caught in Scheme to Smash, Dump, and Export Toxic TVs and Computer Monitors

Diversified Recycling holds Contracts with State of Georgia, Florida, New Hampshire, and South Carolina

Norcross, Georgia | February 19th, 2015

The Basel Action Network (BAN), a global environmental organization working on toxic trade, has discovered that Diversified Recycling, an electronics recycler operating in Orlando, Florida and Norcross, Georgia, was recently engaged in transporting daily tractor-trailer loads of toxic TVs and computer monitors to a small warehouse operation where cathode ray tubes (CRTs) were smashed by hand and then dumped in a local construction landfill. BAN also traced a trans-Atlantic container shipment of electronic waste containing non-functional LCD equipment from the same warehouse firm known as Sarah’s Trading, to Asia. Both the dangerous smashing and the export and dumping of electronic waste are likely to violate numerous local, state, and federal laws.

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Utah Recycler Abandons Millions of Pounds of Toxic e-Waste

Church of Latter-day Saints is Source of Much of the Waste

Seattle, WA and Utah | November 6th, 2014

Stone Castle Recycling, previously one of Utah’s largest recyclers of electronic waste, has abandoned its three facilities and the owner is missing. The company has ceased all operations and has left behind several warehouses and yards filled with an estimated 7,600 tons of toxic electronic wastes and charred residues. According to US EPA representatives in Denver, the owner and CEO of Stone Castle, Anthony (Tony) Stoddard, has simply disappeared and is now being actively pursued by law enforcement authorities.

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