The public has the right to know
where their e-waste goes



Project Summary

The e-Trash Transparency Project was designed to once and for all get real data to find out what really happens when you drop your old computer, monitor or printer at a charity or at an electronics recycler.  BAN has placed 200 small GPS-based tracking devices into old printers and monitors and delivered them to Goodwill and to various recyclers around the country.  Read our first report from the project and the press release to find out what we learned.

Just Released

Latest Report

Scam Recycling. e-Dumping on Asia by US Recyclers.

The Press Release

Earlier Report

Disconnect: Goodwill and Dell Exporting the Public’s E-waste to Developing Countries

The Press Release

The PBS Video

The MIT Visualization

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Chinese Outlets

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Photo (above): Junkyard full of American computer printers in New Territories, Hong Kong. 

What do I do?

What CAN I do with my old computer or phone or printer etc. when it dies on me. Read more here.