Grand jury indicts owner and former VP of Executive Recycling

Two men from Colorado were indicted on Friday for shipping electronic waste overseas illegally. The U.S. Justice Department says Executive Recycling, Inc. sent cathode ray tubes, which are found in older computer monitors, to countries overseas, including China, to dispose of them.

Because of that, 36-year-old Brandon Richter of Highlands Ranch, owner of Executive Recycling, and 36-year-old Tor Olson of Parker, former vice president of Executive Recycling, were indicted by a federal grand jury on Thursday. They both face charges of wire and mail fraud, environmental crimes in connection with the failure to file a notification to export hazardous waste and destruction, alteration or falsification of records.

The Justice Department says between February 2005 and January 2009, the company created a scheme to defraud various business and government entities who wanted to dispose of their e-waste.

The company said it would dispose of the waste in an environmentally friendly manner and said it would not be sent overseas.

Instead, investigators say the waste was sent overseas and it was not disposed of in an environmentally safe way.