Executive Recycling Owner Facing Federal Charges

A Colorado company that was the focus of a 60 Minutes investigation is at the center of federal charges. Executive Recycling, its owner and a former vice president of operations were named in a 16 count indictment on Friday. The company used to operate out of Englewood at 1630 West Evans. Now the business at that address is Techcycle, which is owned by Brandon Richter. Richter is also the owner of Executive Recycling, named in the federal indictment.

Nearly three years ago, CBS News anchor Scott Pelley followed the trail of illegal exports around the world to Asia. 60 Minutes found that electronics people thought were being recycled, actually ended up in a dump in China where it was contaminating the water and air of people who live there.

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Executive Recycling, Richter and former vice president Tor Olson are charged with environmental crimes involving export hazardous waste, destruction and falsification of records, wire and mail fraud.

The indictment alleges more than 100,000 Cathode Ray Tubes, CRTs, which contain lead, were illegally shipped over a three year period to foreign countries, including China.

The indictment states, “The defendants falsely advertised to customers that they would dispose of E-waste in compliance with all local, state and federal laws and regulations.

It’s alleged the defendants made $1.8 million in the illegal activity. The indictment is a result of a two and a half year federal investigation.

A conviction on just the wire fraud could bring up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.