Raytheon Furthers Sustainability Goals by Becoming an e-Stewards Enterprise

Raytheon, one of the biggest names in defense technologies, is now one of the biggest names in responsibly recycling their electronic waste, or e-waste. By becoming an e-Stewards Enterprise, Raytheon deepens their commitment to sustainability and the environment.

In 2013, Raytheon committed to a plan to responsibly recycle, by 2015, 100% of the 500 tons of e-waste they produce annually. Raytheon included three tenets in their plan: data security, environmental protection, and business value. These values align with the e-Stewards Program, which created the highest electronics recycling and refurbishing standard for environmental and social justice, the e-Stewards Standard.

From the official e-Stewards press release: “Raytheon embraces its special responsibility as a global manufacturer to minimize waste and reduce its negative impact on the planet,” said Jon Aliber, VP Global Business Services Information Technology. “This designation recognizes the strong effort Raytheon has made to manage waste responsibly, in keeping with its mission to help make the world a safer place.

E-waste often contains sensitive information that can damage a brand and cost companies hefty fines. Even e-waste such as copiers and printers may contain data. But e-waste also contains toxics, and if mishandled, the toxics can leach into the environment, and negatively impacting ecosystems and communities.

By becoming an e-Stewards Enterprise, Raytheon is pledging to do their best to only use e-Stewards certified recyclers and refurbishers. It’s a pledge that shields developing nations and local communities from the effects of e-waste, and supports green jobs that reclaim valuable materials.