Stricter E-waste Guidelines from the Basel Convention? Not Yet

The latest Basel Convention Conference of the Parties just passed e-waste guidelines “that will allow electronics waste traders to simply claim electronics as repairable and export such dangerous waste outside of the Convention,” according to BAN's Jim Puckett.

Despite objections from India, and the disassociation to the proceedings by certain countries, including Argentina, India, and Mexico, the unfinished guidelines were passed at 1 am on May 16th.

These new guidelines are cloudy on the following issues pressing the e-waste industry:

  • cathode ray tube (CRT) disposal
  • electronic repair parts
  • short-term life used electronics

Lack of comprehensive and strict e-waste guidelines could mean more e-waste exportation to developing nations and more e-waste polluting global communities and ecosystems.

Read more about what happened at the 2015 Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm Conference of Parties (Triple COP) in Bloomberg News' article here

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