Lebanon Plans to Dump Garbage - But Sierra Leone Rejects Deal

Sierra Leone just announced that they want no part of a reported deal with Lebanon that would export Lebanese household waste to the West African nation.

The Government of Lebanon approved a plan to export loads of household trash to a nearby African or a Middle-Eastern country. According to Lebanon, they received clearance from the Government of Sierra Leone to export the waste there. Yet the Government of Sierra Leone denies such an agreement and refuses to accept the waste.

Lebanon's plans to export the household garbage (even if it's not hazardous) falls under the control of United Nations Basel Convention. Here at BAN, we suspect that Lebanese officials are being misled by fast-talking waste trade brokers.

Along with fellow toxic pollution network IPEN and IndyACT, BAN fully support Sierra Leone's rejection of the deal. 

However, we worry, which country will Lebanon next try to export their garbage to?

Credit: Aljazeera

Credit: Aljazeera

To learn more, read our joint press release with fellow environmental and public health groups, IndyACT and IPEN.

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