Hewlett Packard Answers the Call for e-Trash Transparency

Environmental groups praised the Hewlett Packard Company today for its recent announcement that they will henceforth reveal to the public where all of their electronic waste goes. 

In a blog post of March 3, 2017, HP's Annukka Dickens, HP's Director of Human Rights and Supply Chain Responsibility cited BAN's work and stated: 

"HP is disclosing its recycling partners to raise the bar for transparency in our industry and to highlight the high standards we set for those vendors. We challenge other companies in and outside of the high-tech industry to follow our lead and disclose recycler vendor standards and performance, as well as the list of recycling vendors they employ globally.

HP now joins Samsung and LG in being fully transparent in North America about their recycling destinations. However, most IT equipment manufacturers, including Apple, Inc., refuse to tell the public where their toxic e-waste, once collected from the public, will end up. 

BAN and Electronics Industry watchdogs Texas Campaign for the Environment, jointly call on Apple and Dell to be next to commit to disposal chain transparency. 

"It's been 15 years since the world learned that so much e-waste was being dumped on developing countries," said Texas Campaign for the Environment's Director Robin Schneider. "We applaud HP for full transparency and urge all electronics companies to finally let us know exactly which companies are recycling our old electronics."