A recycling kingpin is sentenced to 3 years in federal prison for e-waste disposal fraud

For 11 years, Brian Brundage promoted Intercon Solutions, his booming suburban Chicago electronics recycling company, as a scrupulous industry leader in environmentally responsible waste disposal, led by a colorful, high-flying entrepreneur.

On Thursday, a decidedly humbled Brundage was sentenced to three years in federal prison for what prosecutors called an elaborate fraud that caused untold damage to the environment and millions of dollars in losses to victims.

“The scope of the deception in this case is extraordinary,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Sean J.B. Franzblau said at the sentencing hearing in Chicago federal court.

Brundage’s Intercon Solutions, a now-defunct Chicago Heights business that touted environmentally friendly recycling methods, once boasted an impressive customer list that included major corporations and government agencies.