The Green Hat by BAN



"Our new President fails to recognize that it is the environment that never "wins" anymore.  Indeed, its been on a century-long losing streak, and its losses lead us ever closer to the demise of every nation, every political party, every hotel chain, all of us, forever," said Jim Puckett, Executive Director of BAN.

With the launch of this new hat, we can prominently declare the most important campaign slogan of all time.

  • Suggested donation for 1-4 hats: 25$ each plus shipping.

  • Suggested donation for 5 or more hats: 20$ each plus shipping.

  • Suggested donation for 50 or more hats 15$ each plus shipping.

  • International donations will vary (please contact)

All proceeds from the Green Hats are donated equally to the Basel Action Network and to another environmental cause (chosen quarterly) fighting for climate protection, wildlife, wilderness, clean air, clean water and a toxic free future.

The Green Hat