Basel Action Network (BAN) is a trusted expert, compassionate advocate, and global partner for environmental justice




BAN’s mission is to champion global environmental health and justice by ending toxic trade, catalyzing a toxics-free future, and campaigning for everyone’s right to a clean environment.

Why Basel?

BAN’s namesake is the 1989 United Nations Basel Convention, which restricts the trade of hazardous waste between more developed countries and less developed countries.

BAN currently tackles three toxic waste streams covered by the Basel Convention:

  1. Electronic waste (e-waste), the fastest growing waste stream globally

  2. End-of-life ships, like the cargo ships that carry our goods

  3. Plastic pollution

We prevent pollution dumping on the world’s poorest residents.

Safeguarding People and the Planet
from Toxic Waste

We’re a non-profit organization creating a sustainable world where society’s discarded items remain a force for good. We believe that true recycling should be both environmentally and socially responsible.

Since 1997, we’ve been working at the nexus of human rights and environmental justice. We fulfill our bold mission with interrelated strategies for policy, marketing solutions, and public engagement.

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BAN chooses those tough battles that are at the heart of the challenges of our time – design, consumption, fair trade, globalization, equity, materials use, green chemistry, and more.

— Wendy Neu, CEO and Chairman, Hugo Neu Corp.; Board Member and donor, Basel Action Network