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Richard Gutierrez, Board Member

Richard Gutierrez was the first employee of Basel Action Network and began his work with us in 2001.   He was born in the Philippines where he studied and then practiced law.   His desire to use his life to support human rights and the earth brought him from corporate law to the NGO world starting with BAN.  In 2006, he struck out to take his advocacy skills back to the Philippines where he founded Ban Toxics! a sister organization to BAN focused on Asian pollution issues with a particular emphasis on harmful trade agreements, electronic waste, and the unsustainable use of mercury in artisanal gold mining.   BAN Toxics is currently a thriving organization with pilot projects and advocacies from child labor in small-scale gold mining to sound chemicals management across South-East Asia and beyond.   Richard is currently CEO of BAN Toxics, and the Indonesia Project Manager of the Artisanal Gold Council.



Shawn Drew, Board Member

Shawn is the Data Integration Solutions Architect and Senior Applications Systems Engineer at University of Washington. He has worked in Advancement at University of Washington for the past 20 years, where he leads information management in the development and alumni relations departments to establish better data processes to help increase engagement among constituents. He led the University’s conversion to the Advance® software to more closely reflects gift officer and researcher needs and workflows. Under his leadership, his team created the Advance® training curriculum and launched a training series to highlight best practices so groups can use data analytics to improve their fundraising.

Roberto Ferrigno, Board Member

Roberto is founder and director of Lumina Consult in Brussels. He provides strategic advice to one of the core partners of the initiative on the New Plastics Economy launched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. He is also senior advisor to major global producers of bio-polymers, and to Hanover Communications and its clients on the development of progressive Circular Economy policy positions. He is advisor to the Chair of the Industry Committee of the Italian Senate. Roberto has held senior management positions in organisations such as Greenpeace International, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), and Weber Shandwick. He has also served as the appointed national expert for Italy in the Secretariat of the Section for Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, the Economic and Social Committee of the European Communities (ESC) and worked in the Italian Agency for the Protection of the Environment (ANPA) as strategic and policy advisor to the President.


Jim Puckett, Executive Director and Founder

Jim, Executive Director and Founder of Basel Action Network, has been an environmental health and justice advocate for 28 years. He has served as Greenpeace International’s Toxics Director based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where his campaign was instrumental in achieving the Ban Amendment to the UN Basel Convention as well as numerous regional waste trade bans. He has represented civil society within the Basel Convention since its inception in 1989. Campaigning against all forms of toxic trade, he has traveled extensively researching, writing, and producing films.

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