BAN is creating a movement that demands responsible electronics recycling



Shining a Spotlight on Illicit Recycling

Do you know what happens to your old gadgets once you’ve dropped them off for recycling?

Without your knowing, your old electronics could end up being:

  • Illegally dumped in a local landfill

  • Hacked for the data they contain

  • Exported and dumped on impoverished communities

  • Pollution that poisons recycling workers who lack protective gear

Irresponsible electronics recyclers constantly devise increasingly sneaky ways to skirt national and international laws to dispose of electronics cost-effectively, with little regard for environmental or social impacts.


Our research team is always investigating for potential corporate misconduct. When we see something that’s not right, we inform the relevant authorities, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

BAN investigators found dumped TV monitors in Utah in 2014

BAN investigators found dumped TV monitors in Utah in 2014


As the first to expose the public to e-waste export, BAN has a singular and exemplary track record of documenting and raising awareness of toxic trade.

BAN informs and engages people about toxic waste issues. We aim to create a movement of enlightened citizens – like you – who expect responsible recycling.

We truly believe that everyone who has ever owned an electronic gadget can be part of the solution. This includes you, since you’re reading off a screen right now. Every single cell phone and tablet recycled responsibly is a big win. Find a responsible recycler.


Photo (above): BAN's research manager stands in a pile of burnt e-waste in Utah, 2014

See something that’s not right?

If you see governments or corporations acting irresponsibly when it comes to hazardous waste policy or management, please let us know.

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