• Check out BAN’s 2013-2014 Annual Report
  • To make using a responsible recycler as easy as clicking a button, BAN launches the e-Stewards Marketplace for businesses, along with a new e-Stewards website
  • BAN’s green ship recycling campaign successfully convinces the U.S. Navy to recycle three aircraft carriers –the Forrestal, Saratoga, and Constellation – instead of sinking them for target practice


  • BAN was awarded the International Electronic Recycling Congress' Cowbell Award for our efforts to prevent the globalization of toxic waste and to create strategies for proper waste treatment



  • After exposing illegal exports to the public with CBS’s 60 Minutes, BAN testifies against Executive Recycling, which is convicted of fraud, sentenced to jail time, and fined
  • e-Stewards certifies its 100th facility
  • Check out BAN’s 2011 Annual Report



  • CBS’s 60 Minutes episode, The Wasteland, features Jim Puckett and e-waste exports. It wins multiple awards and 18 million people watched it when it first aired
  • Thanks to a tip from BAN, the Environmental Protection Agency files a lawsuit and fines GMS $518,000 for exporting the SS Oceanic to India


  • BAN’s research uncovers that children’s toy jewelry contains lead sourced from e-waste



  • Kicking off our green ship recycling campaign, BAN, Sierra Club, and Earth Justice sue the US government for planning to export old Naval vessels to the UK, against US law. As a result, the courts block nine ships from being exported
  • Securing commitments from 15 companies to never export waste, BAN launches the “Electronics Recyclers Pledge of True Stewardship”


  • BAN exposes the Western world to the biggest e-waste dumping ground through our documentary and report Exporting Harm: The High-Tech Trashing of Asia


  • BAN creates the Ban Mercury Working Group, a non-profit with the goal of phasing out mercury mining, trade, and use


  • Uncovering mercury exports to India, BAN generates international furor to stop
    these exports
  • BAN helps prevent Japan from illegally exporting PCB waste into the US and Canada


  • BAN campaigns with a coalition of groups in Cambodia, Taiwan, US, and Europe to force Formosa Plastics in Taiwan to return toxic waste containing mercury from Cambodia


  • At the Basel Convention COP4 meeting, BAN successfully prevents the definitions of hazardous waste from being weakened


  • Jim Puckett creates BAN (originally a project of the Asia Pacific Environmental Exchange, which he co-founded)