Basel Action Network creates a sustainable
world by promoting the Basel Convention’s
toxic waste trade solutions


BAN is a non-profit with a mission to champion global environmental health and justice

We do this by:

  • ending toxic trade
  • catalyzing a toxics-free future
  • campaigning for everyone’s right to a flourishing environment.

Focusing on electronic waste and old ships, we fulfill our mission using interrelated policy, market solutions, and public engagement strategies that create systemic change.

Based in Seattle, WA, we work nationally and internationally.

Photo (above): cathode ray tubes (CRT) from old TVs and monitors in China

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Basel Advocacy

We continually advocate for just policies with our namesake, the United Nations 1989 Basel Convention. Executive Director Jim Puckett is the only person to have attended every conference meeting.

Investigative Watchdog

BAN has a long and strong history of documenting and raising awareness of toxic trade – from being the first to expose the public to e-waste export, to our ongoing exposé work. 

Electronics Stewardship

BAN created and manages e-Stewards, a certification standard for the best recycling. e-Stewards distinguishes truly responsible recyclers from those who simply claim to be green.

Green Ship Recycling

BAN advocates for safe and clean recycling of old ships, such as the cargo ships that once transported us our goods or the retired US Navy vessels that protected the oceans.