BAN is a Core Member of the Global Break Free from Plastics Movement



Shining a Spotlight on Illicit Recycling

Basel Action Network is now engaged in policy challenges, market campaigns and trade investigations on Plastic Waste. What follows is a quick snapshot of our work.

Major Victory at the Basel Convention!

BAN, together with a strong contingent of member organizations to the Break Free From Plastics Movement, achieved a major success at the Basel Convention when the Norwegian Package of Amendments to more comprehensively include Plastics under the trade controls of the Convention.  Please find two fact sheets regarding these reforms created prior to full adoption by consensus:

And please find articles describing the victory, including our paper explaining the nuts and bolts implications of the new package of amendments, here.

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Take the Plastics Footprint Challenge!

This week BAN staff is undertaking to break free from plastics by beginning to take the plastics challenge and calculate our plastics use, using the Plastics Use Calculator. Join us.

Plastic Footprint Calculator


See something that’s not right?

If you see governments or corporations acting irresponsibly when it comes to hazardous waste policy or management, please let us know.

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